4 Ways to Stay Green this St. Patty's Day

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You don’t need the luck of the Irish to have a good time AND not decimate your health goals this St. Patrick’s Day.  Staying on track for holidays just takes a few easy little tweaks.  Love beer? No problem!  Sucker for corned beef?  It’s all good!  Our strategies will have you feeling both satisfied and proud when Monday morning rolls around, whether you found a pot of gold or not!  

10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Daylight Savings Time

Let's Spring Forward!

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After this cold, dark winter, most of us are used to waking up in the dark for our daily workouts at Kaia already. So, what is another hour in the early hours of the day to continue that streak of activity pre dawn!? As Daylight savings takes over, let’s head into this season with thoughts of spring, new beginnings and more daylight for all the activities!

Now that we get this extra hour of beautiful daylight what can we do with it to feel extra motivated and successful? 

Be sure you are going to bed prepped for the morning, and give yourself plenty of rest to tackle the day!

3 Ways to Find your Strength

You Are Strong

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When we say the word strong we might immediately think of physical strength, which our ladies certainly have plenty of, but there’s so much more to being strong. I spoke to several Kaia girls, coaches, and friends about what makes someone strong and these 3 things were echoed in nearly every answer.